After a long period of good intentions with no action, I finally moved the blog from Wordpress to Octopress. I have nothing bad to say about Wordpress, it’s been a great tool for me. It’s just that over time I’ve found myself wanting a simpler blogging platform. Aside from liking the overall looks of Ocotpress, the big draw for me was the decreased load time from serving up static HTML pages. Once I sat down and decided to pull the plug, it was really pretty simple. It all boiled down to just a few steps:

  1. Export my posts into the Wordpress XML format.
  2. Run exitwp on the exported XML.
  3. Some basic regex work to fix image tags.
  4. Configure the permalinks to match the form I already use.
  5. Spend 5 minutes reconfiguring my blog on the WebFaction control panel.
  6. Deploy the converted posts using rsync.

Overall, it went much easier than I had anticipated. Only time will tell if switching to the new platform will help me write better content!